Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Pi Hunt about?
    Pi Hunt shares new Raspberry Pi & hackable hardware projects, every day. It is the Product Hunt for Pi, Arduino and other hardware that you can hack, code & geek.
  • Why did you launch Pi Hunt?
    Raspberry Pi is successful because it connects a traditionally-offline maker culture to the Internet. There are many ways to use a Raspberry Pi — for education, for entertainment, for learning about computers and programming, for driving hardware hacks, or for just having a cheap computer. There are many Raspberry Pi and Arduino-like development board projects across the web, but finding new ones or notable ones can be difficult or tiring. Before Pi Hunt, we weren't able to find a single, central location for seeing what's new or interesting in the Pi universe.
  • What kind of projects do you share?
    We share new end-products & clearly explained DIY projects created with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other development boards.
  • Do you share only Raspberry Pi projects?
    While Raspberry Pi is our focus, we find the entire ecosystem of development boards fascinating. So while we'll focus on Pi and Pi-like boards, we'll include innovative Arduino or Beaglebone projects as well. You can send us your finds using the "+" button on the upper right side of this page.
  • How can I send my project to Pi Hunt?
    Please click the "+" button on the upper right side of this page. We await your submission!
  • Who is behind Pi Hunt?
    It was originall built by a team called BalKaymak, but is now run by Ilya Haykinson.
  • Do you own a Raspberry Pi, yet?
    Ilya has been a fan of Raspberry Pi and Arduino for a long while. He's got three or four Pi boards in his home which get repurposed for different projects over time. At times, they've monitored the garage door's open state, served as a webcam showing who's knocking on the front door, captured ADS-B traffic from airliners flying above, continually measured temperature and humidity in a bedroom, driven outdoor lighting, controlled motorized blinds, and had been involved in other hacks.
  • How can I contact you?
    Please send us an email: